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About Elkton Auto Corral

Jay Mullen - Dealmaker
We pride ourselves on being a Family Owned and Operated Business. We try to keep our price fair for you, our customers. I have been selling vehicles for 30 years and i love everyday!! Come on over and check us out.

Susan Mullen - Mrs. Dealmaker
We have entered into our 18th year in business and what a 18 years it has been! Although the car business is mostly a man's world most dealers and auctions have accepted the fact this woman is here to stay!!! And I do this job very well, and they treat me as an equal. It's a very exciting job to have and the people are usually fun to be around. The best part of the day is when I buy 15 cars or sell one to someone and they say, " Thanks for the great deal, Mrs. Dealmaker"